Price List

electronic version, download HERE

Bed per person (check-in from 4 pm, check-out by 10 am):  45 zł

person sleeping alone (single occupancy) in room:  55 zł

• Children under 3 years (not occupying bed):  no charge

• Children under 7 years:  25 zł


Additional payments for:

early arrival (every 3 hours, or part of) before 4 pm per person:  5 zł

late departure (every 3 hours, or part of) after 10 am per person:  5 zł

use of common room, dining room and kitchen after 10 pm group rate per hour:  40 zł 


Continental breakfast for groups (must be ordered in advance) per person:  12 zł 



• Individual guests – 3rd and subsequent nights:  5 zł discount

• Groups (20 or more):

      – 2nd night:  5 zł discount (i.e. bed 40 zł)

      – 3rd and subsequent nights:  10 zł discount (i.e. bed 35 zł)

• Entire hostel for more than 1 night cost:

      first night:  2600 zł

      second night:  2400 zł

      third and subsequent nights:  2200 zł 

All discounts are deducted when settling your bill at the reception desk 


The above prices do not include local tax of 1 zł/person/day 


Miscellaneous charges:

Use of premises at the invitation of an overnight guest:  5 zł per person per 3 hours

“Icehouse” rental and open wood fire area (without sausages):  5 zł per person plus 40 zł per hour

Dogs well behaved and on lead welcome:  30 zł per stay

Use of WC by non guests/non visitors:  2 zł

Car parking by non guests/non visitors:  2 zł per hour 


Bank account number:

36 1050 1083 1000 0022 8068 4677 


KOSS Sp. z o.o., 43-436 Górki Wielkie, Poland